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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Reducing and Enlarging

Recently I've been fitting the Tichy windows to the openings in the Ice Company building.  In order to make it all fit I had to first reduce the size of the windows, then enlarge the size of the openings in the walls.  Funny, I was more nervous about enlarging the openings in the walls than reducing the size of the window castings.  I suspect it is because the windows are so precisely made that the cuts and subsequent reassembly was easy to do, and I knew I'd do so with precision and careful work.  Whereas the walls were die-cut cardstock and I'd be tracing around the window to make the opening, not terribly precise, with more room for error.  Fortunately Gorilla Gel CA glue will fill any gaps between windows and walls when it is time to fix them in place.

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